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Мое резюме, переведенное роботом на английский

Когда-то у меня было резюме на английском. Его критиковали за плохой English. Сейчас я не ищу работу за рубежом, хотя и предлагали 1эсить в Чехии или Монголии.

Решил для прикола посмотреть, как звучит мое резюме на английском (оригинал на


I search for work of the programmer 1С8 or the head of 1S-projects with the salary from 100 000 roubles. It is desirable: timely payment of the salary, a leave allowance, нормированный the working day.


I work with 1С 11 years since 1999. I specialize on 1С8 5 years since 2005. I have certificates of the expert 1С8: УТ, БП, ЗУП, the Platform. A platform 1с81 I know in perfection.

Densely worked with УТ and Retail. Advised and finished БП, ЗУП. Well I am guided in typical configurations.

Adjusted various data exchanges, I know XML, OLE, КД, web services. Well I know wholesale and retail trade, warehouse and transport logistics, the organization of access rights. Worked with budgeting.

Worked more with support and design works, than with introduction. Was engaged in training.

I am able to do independently the analysis of problems of any complexity and a choice of means of their decision on the basis of the rich practical experience.

I have experience of a writing of technical projects, documentation and estimations of problems. On last place of work put problems to five programmers and supervised their performance. I am able to consider time expenses under projects. I have experience removed and outwork.

I am the author of numerous workings out which I share with community of programmers 1с.


· Working out of the module of motivation of sellers for a network from 30 shops of mobile communication

· Integration with 1с: Retail of web services: repayment of credits, remittances, sale of programs.

· Working out of the module of budgeting of incomes of expenses for realtor the companies

· Working out of rules of converting of conductings conveniently adjusted by the user from 1с6 in 1с8

· Working out of the module the account and analysis plan-faktnogo взаиморасчетов for the electric power

· the Configuration from zero for the goods account in a cellular warehouse

· Configurations and completions for the account of works of employees франчайзи

· Transfer of trading organization from the account in meters square on порулонный the account in УТ


In 1997 has finished the Belorussian State University of Computer science and Radio electronics in Minsk on a speciality the programming engineer.

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