fixin (fixin) wrote,

Звуковой английский

Английский всё больше приобретает роль мирового языка. Но у него есть несколько проблем – письмо не звуковое и ненужное употребление артиклей.

Со временем эти нюансы будут упрощаться в письменной речи во всякого рода вацапах и чатах и постепенно английский язык придет к звуковому письму и выбросит артикли.

Получится что-то вроде того, что я набросал на примере простого короткого рассказа.

Vacationing in Hawaii


Two priests decide to wear casual clothes so they won’tbe identified as clergy. They buy Hawaiian shirts and sandals, and soon headfor the beach. They notice a gorgeous blond in a tiny bikini.
= Tu prests disaid tu wear kezual kloses so zey wont bi identified ez klergi. Zey bay Hawayian shirts end sandals, end sun hid fo bich. Zey notis a gorgis blond in tini bikini.

«Good afternoon, Fathers», she says as she strolls by.
= «Gud aftenun, Fazerz», shi seys ez shi strolls bay.

The men are stunned. How does she know they are clergy?
= Men a styuned. Hau das shi nou zey a klergi?

Later that day,they buy even wilder attire consisting of surfer shorts, tie dyed T-shirts, anddark glasses.
The next day, they return to the beach.

= Leyte zet dey, zey bay iven wilde ettayre konsistin of serfe shorts, tay dayd T-shirs, end dark glases.

Next dey, zey return tu bich.
The same fabulous blond, now wearing a string bikini, passes by, nods politely at them and says, «Good morning, Fathers.»

= Seym fabulous blond, nau wearin string bikini, pases bay, nodz politely at zem end seyz, «Gud monin, Fazerz.»

«Just a minute young lady», says one of the priests. «We are priests and proud of it, but how in the world did you know?»
= «Jast a minit yan ledi», seiz uan of prests. «Wi ar prests end prud of it, bat haw in the world did yu nou?»

The blonde replies, «Don’t you recognize me? I’m sister Katherine from the convent.»
= Ze blond replays, «Don’t yu recognaiz mi? I’m siste Kaserin from the konvent.»

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