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Наконец-то и мне написали "нигерийское письмо".

Но я пока поддерживаю интригу, не посылаю "нигерийца" (из США, Минессоты) сразу на хуй. О чем он просит, я не понял, но наверняка денег хочет, гыгыгы.

I am glad you responded to my email. My name is Deborah Starin. I am 71 years young and i lived in Willmar Minnesota until recently. You must wonder if i don't have any surviving relatives; i do. I have a sister who wants nothing to do with me. I was cruel to her and never helped out when she needed me most, she wants nothing to do with me. I gave her some money in the past and she returned it, Wherever she is i only beg her forgiveness and also pray God gives her a good heart so God does not get upset with her for not forgiving me, because we must forgive each other if we want God's love to grow inside us.



I gave a lot of thought before i sent you the email, while reading various topics online ranging from medicine, religion, economics i saw your email, i don't recall exactly where now, but i saw 3 emails, and i prayed about it and i believe God told me to mail it to the last email, which happened to be yours so i discarded the others. I assumed there is a lot of energy that makes up life itself, i also believe this energy is never random. It is always focused and we need to make sure the focus is always positive. Negativity harms the sender. I know about fake mails being sent online, this is not one of them, believe me when i tell you i've reached the age where the happy hour is a nap. This disease has changed my approach to life and how things work. There have been a few times in my life when something appeared to be so solid, so unbreakable, so much a part of life that I never dreamed it would change   only to later find myself living in what seemed to be a whole new world. I remember well the first time I experienced the loss of a friend. Randy Gross is the person who stepped in when my father stepped out. He was a gifted businessman in our community and active in our local church. My sister and i regularly babysat for his children, and Randy would often drive us home filling the car with a voice of encouragement met with listening ears. In many ways, it was Randy who had tucked the pillow of God under my head when i was prepared to give up on God. Randy was fit and trim. He played basketball almost every day. And still, Randy s life was stripped short, stopped in the middle of an ordinary game on the basketball court when he suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 42. At that time, the world as i knew it seemed to be turned upside down. I learned that life is not always fair   that bad things happen to good people   that some questions arise that will never be answered.


For many of us, the times we are experiencing are unlike anything we have experienced before. Each week i learn of someone else whose economic security blanket has been pulled from beneath them. Individuals who have worked for the same company for 15-20 years are being asked to leave. People who thought there was no doubt that they would be retiring from this same company have been given pink slips. Women and men with master s degrees and extensive experience in a myriad of fields are working for minimum wage. Countless others are pounding the pavement, resumes in hand, eager to see what door might open. And while all of this is happening, those who have retired are wondering if their hard-earned investments will ever rise to the level where they were before the economy started to weaken. The World s economy that once seemed to strong   so indestructible   has been spun around with us all holding on tight, praying that we have seen the worst of it and that recovery is on the way. It does not take much for the world to be changed.


One senseless death.

One lost job.

One parent leaving.

One diagnosis at the doctor s office.

One closed company.

One plane hitting a tower.

One broken heart.

One accident.

One empty tomb.


My own world changed after one diagnosis at the doctor s office.


The reason i sent you the email is to know if you can withdraw my funds; its presently in a safe deposit box with a depository firm. I would have been able to do this myself, now i am presently undergoing treatment at a clinical/research institute. This is the major reason i cannot withdraw the funds myself. The money i am giving to you is the last earthly possession i own, its inside 2 safe deposit boxes. Although no one knows its cash i have inside the 2 boxes,i also have my high yield business returns and tax clearance certificates.


1. I need to know if you can help me achieve this last desire of mine. I want to give to the needy, the widows, orphans and victims of disasters. The reference i gave you, i got it from the phrase save a soul, i wished i had setup a foundation called save a soul.

2. I need to know you can withdraw the boxes if given the opportunity. I need to know you have a heart for charity, thus would not have any problem locating deserving charity and human aid groups. The disbursement of this fund would be entirely in your hands. (I want atleast 80% given to charity)


Let me know if you are capable and willing to do this for me. It would be wonderful if you could tell me what charities you may have in mind as well. I will wait to hear from you.


Tags: мошенничество

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