fixin (fixin) wrote,

На лоха не попала заморская мудила

Одно заморское чудо пыталось меня развести в Скайпе, обещая показать пизду. Но не на того напало! гыгыгы..

[19:30:27] Сергей Осипов: wru?
[19:30:33] Сергей Осипов: who r u
[19:31:45] gs2jossa16:  I'm jenny, I found you on one of those social networking sites and thought you were cute and just wanna chat ;-p
[19:32:33] Сергей Осипов: you are girl?
[19:33:30] gs2jossa16: Yay! someone to talk to ! lol   I'm a little forgetful lol, have we chatted before? ;)
[22:52:26] Сергей Осипов: no we havnt
[22:53:12] gs2jossa16: hmm ok. Your username seemed familiar. haha it's ok I was looking for somebody to chat with, I hope you don't mind chatting with a bored single 23/f lol  so you single?
[22:56:18] Сергей Осипов: my English is not very well
[22:56:32] Сергей Осипов: I am single, yes
[22:57:17] gs2jossa16: yes I am finally single!! its great!
[22:57:38] Сергей Осипов: why?
[22:58:39] gs2jossa16: what kind of girls are you into? you like nerdy girls?
[23:00:14] Сергей Осипов: I like sexy girls with sexy mouth
[23:01:03] gs2jossa16: lol you should know nerdy girls and redheads are the biggest freaks! ;) I have some free time now my roommate went out...i love to tease ;)  Wanna see? its up to in the mood lol
[23:05:09] Сергей Осипов: wanna
[23:05:14] Сергей Осипов: show
[23:05:16] Сергей Осипов: gggg
[23:06:08] gs2jossa16: Ok... let me set my cam up and I'll show u my sexy little outfit and maybe what's under it lol ..Just promise you won't share my profile with anyone else or take pictures of me naked ok? lol
[23:06:39] Сергей Осипов: ok. it will be between your & me
[23:07:43] gs2jossa16: ok my profile is once you accept the invite let me know what username you make on there so that I can add you and then we can cam eachother :)
[23:11:31] Сергей Осипов: hahaha, good try, but not. show you over Skype.
[23:13:06] gs2jossa16: oh its probably gonna ask you for a credit card to sign up for the app but its free babe,  its just to keep kids out. Im wearing almost nothing and I dont want any kids watching me lol.. im gonna show u more than just my sexy outfit I promise lol  I like to tease but I love to deliver even more haha. Are u almost in?
[23:21:15] Сергей Осипов: no, thnx
[23:21:49] gs2jossa16: k... Let me know when you're in sweetie , you should see my cam or I can send u the link again if u need. sorry to rush you but u got me so horny !! I need to release some stress ;)  are u almost in lol ?
[23:22:05] Сергей Осипов: I am here, show me
[23:22:51] gs2jossa16: hmmm my pussy is so wet lol  ok I see u connecting, I'm gonna put on my outfit now , Just type here or in the chat when u can see me undressing ;)
[23:23:17] Сергей Осипов: i am here
[23:23:37] gs2jossa16: k.. xoxo :)~
[23:25:06] Сергей Осипов: khe-khe

Tags: мошенничество

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